Guerrilla Marketing in Nigeria: Best Types to Boost your Brand
January 27, 2020

Guerrilla marketing is a budget-friendly form of marketing that requires the use of non-conventional methods to advertise products and services while creating a memorable experience for your audience. It is all about capturing the attention of the market with spontaneity. This kind of marketing comes in various types, all of which are very effective in driving good results. 


Ambient Marketing

Ambient marketing is a creative guerrilla marketing technique which involves the use of shock tactic to achieve awareness. Here, you place whatever you wish to advertise in ‘strange’ ways in unusual places and locations. This is intended to capture the attention of the audience. The ‘weirdness’ is the key to it.


Experiential Marketing

This can also be referred to as engagement marketing. It is an immersive marketing approach and one that is highly customer-centric. The purpose of this guerrilla marketing tactic is to build a customer’s experience with the brand. Simply put, experiential marketing puts the customers first to establish a connection and build a sustainable relationship.


Ambush Marketing

In ambush marketing, advertisers use ongoing events to their advantage. This is quite visible in major highly sponsored events where rivals execute creative methods to establish an association with the event and increase brand awareness. Examples of popular ambush marketing are BMW vs Audi, Apple vs Samsung, etc.


Grassroots Marketing

As the name implies, this type of guerrilla marketing requires you to win customers individually, rather than on a large scale. It is more about building a connection with a small group of people and hoping they help broadcast the message further. This is why it is important that those targets are influential people.


Wild Postings

This type is nowhere near subtle. Have you ever walked on a street and found a great number of posters plastered over the wall? This is exactly what wild posting is. You’ve probably seen some during election campaigns. The whole point of wild posting is that it ensures that the message is hard to miss. It never goes unnoticed.



Businesses now make use of guerrilla marketing a lot, as opposed to the usual traditional marketing methods. The fact that one could get things done creatively and effectively with little cost is enough reason to implement it as one’s marketing form. Quite a few marketing agencies exist to help brands achieve awareness and market activation through guerrilla marketing techniques. However, good ones are hard to find. The best in the game so far is Think Out of D Box (TOOB) As its name implies, it is an out of the box marketing agency which provides tons of services beyond Guerrilla Marketing. If you own a business in Nigeria and would like to get your product or service branded in the hearts of your target audience, then Think Out D Box is the perfect go-to.

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