Top Reasons Businesses Should Use Guerrilla Marketing in Nigeria
February 14, 2020

You don’t have to spend so much to achieve much, that’s all guerrilla marketing is saying. You invest little money in marketing, but enjoy great returns at the end of the day. It’s no wonder it seems to be gaining ground in Nigeria lately. Let’s face it, Nigeria is presently not in a good economic state; businesses are not making as much as they should. Everyone is busy searching for ways to beat down this stress, hence, attention span is reducing day by day. How do you grab the attention of such people? How do you get them to engage with your product? How can you convert them into loyal customers? The answer is simple – go the guerrilla marketing way.

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Here are the top reasons why you should try guerrilla marketing:


Your audience gets to enjoy a memorable experience

Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing tactic – this makes it easy to produce memorable experiences. In guerrilla marketing, you do what people do not expect. You disrupt the norm in a very creative and effective way, such that you end up leaving an impact on the minds of your targeted audience. This gets to happen because ‘unusual’ events are hard to forget.

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It is cost-effective

The popular belief that cheap things are of poor quality does not apply to guerrilla marketing. It demands less money, more innovation. All guerrilla marketing is asking you to do is to ‘think’. Businesses who have tried guerrilla marketing in Nigeria can attest to the fact that they spend less than when they make use of the typical advertising method.  You don’t only end up getting profits when you utilize guerrilla marketing, you also get referrals too. Why is this so? You’ve impacted your audience with something they cannot forget. Hence, it’s only normal that your brand remains on their lips; they want to tell everyone about what they’ve experienced.

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Your brand goes viral

The world is largely filled with people who spend their time on social media sharing what is happening in their lives. Creating top-notch memorable campaigns on social platforms will earn your brand huge publicity. Not only do you get to reach a large audience you also find people sharing it as well. Your brand being relayed by other people is one way to gain more customers and trust easily. In other words, guerrilla marketing has a way of improving and maintaining your business’s reputation.




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